selected fields of law:

You have the right: of counsel, of representation
- to choose the right counsel;
to choose wisely: a counsel that´s right.

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Family, Divorce and Marriage Law, Mediation Civil Law, including Compensation and Tort Law Criminal Law
Residence and Citizenship Law Medical/Patient´s Law Intellectual Property and Copyright Law
Real Estate and Lease Law Labour Law Inheritance and Succession Law
Corporate Law Compliance Law Unfair Competition and Antitrust Law
Adminstrative Law Constitutional and Human Rights Law Contract Law
Law of Enforcement and Debt Collection

selected services and practices:

You have the right to remain silent.
At my office (Kanzlei), everything you say will be used for you

representation in criminal courts, pressing of charges divorce, alimony, child support and custody representation and solutions; mediation residence permits and legal steps for immigration
in time-claim enforcement in compensation, intellectual property and copyright, inheritance, labour law procedures, and all other matters, preliminary injunctions and restraint orders / relief mediation solutions / dissolvements in terms of professional and private relationships representation and consultation in labor related legal matters, establishment of/or expertise on service, purchase, lease, labour and other contracts and agreements and execution
legal consultation on inheritance matters, establishment of last wills enforcement and defence in copyright and trademark matters, establishment of agreements and licenses safeguarding of marketing and media presence complying to all laws and regulation and taking measures after violation of such-incl. personal freedom, human and personality rights
public complaints against any governmental and administrative body representation against competitors safeguarding against negative effects of proxy abuse, corruption, bribery, fraud, of cartels and trusts, of general legal and policy violations, incl. design of appropriate preventive processes
establishment of patient´s decrees, health care proxies, provisionary powers of attorney(guardianship) claim enforcement and debt collection representation in crises and acute cases
family mediation